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My Story

I have been knitting for approximately 15 years. Like many, I started with scarves, hats and cowls even sweaters, but in 2020, I discovered a niece was due in June; an acquaintance due in July; a friend became a grandmother in August and a colleague due in September. All were expecting baby girls. I knitted a baby sweater for each. 

My quest was to search for different patterns, wide variety of colors, weights and fibers. I experimented with color combinations, vary the stitches, changed fibers and added unique buttons to each sweater. I reasoned, I enjoyed knitting the sweaters, why not showcase them?  It has become my passion to explore fibers, stitches, shapes, colors and details for all babies aged newborn to two.

Yarn ball
Baby showers, gifts, birthdays

The combination of design elements, unique buttons and of a hand-knit baby will entice new mothers, grandmothers family and friends to buy these unique and colorful sweaters.

hand-made baby sweater
baby sweater
infant sweater


Debra is a talented and thoughtful knitter with a unique design and color sense. The color and pattern combinations are different than anything else I've seen. And the soft yarns feels so good. You won't find anything like this elsewhere.


ButtonedUpKnits are lovely! I have bought several sweaters as gifts and have been very happy with the quality and color combinations and of course the cute buttons.


Received the package already! So adorable! ButtonedUpKnits has done a wonderful job. I love the little label design even the little leather one on the hat. Very professional and artistic!
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